Noblesville High School Understands Commitment in the Weight Room

The Athletic Weights course that takes place in the massive 10,000-square-foot weight room at Noblesville High School is one of the largest "school day" programs in the country. It involves more than 500 students over the course of the school day and another 200 after school.

It’s all under the watchful eye of head strength and conditioning coordinator Brian Clarke, a veteran strength coach who is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and on the board of directors for the National High School Strength Coaches Association.

The weight room, as a strength coach, is the best teaching environment in the world.

- Brian Clarke, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

The course highlights instruction on weight training and conditioning technique and preparation for athletic competition intended to enhance speed, mobility, explosiveness and coordination. In includes periodic strength and fitness assessments and 9-week performance goals.