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North Broward Prep High School

One Coach's Virtual Strength Training Solution During COVID-19

John Garrish keeps his students and athletes active through a variety of digital platforms and constant connection.
Perch on a rack in the LSU weight room

LSU Football Added Technology to the Weight Room

How Perch helped the Bayou Bengals add power to their workouts.
Louisiana State University athletics weight room

LSU Builds for the Future

The state-of-the-art weight room at LSU is overseen by strength training guru Tommy Moffitt.
Clemson University teaser image

Clemson Football Builds On Its Winning Ways

The Tigers hold themselves to a higher standard.
Tammey Morris

Hammer Strength Standard: Tammey Morris Doesn't Back Down From a Challenge

Fitness is essential in the life of this firefighter.
Jerry Beach

Hammer Strength Standard: A Strongman With An Infectiously Positive Attitude

Jerry Beach has made a career out fitness.
Chantae McMillan

Hammer Strength Standard: Olympian Chantae McMillan's Excellent Timing

Excelling while competing at the highest level.
Arlington Martin High School

Hammer Strength Standard: Arlington Martin High School

The staff and students at Arlington Martin work hard to exceed standards.
Brandon Lyons

Hammer Strength Standard: Brandon Lyons is a Study in Resilience

Adversity is just something that this elite athlete overcomes.
Cheryl Nitahara

Hammer Strength Standard: Cheryl Nitahara Is No Wimp

A marathon runner shows her toughness taking on cancer.
Jimmy Gavin

Hammer Strength Standard: Jimmy Gavin's Unlikely Basketball Career

Overcoming obstacles is how Jimmy Gavin plays the game.
Sharon "The Dream Catcher" Jacobson

Hammer Strength Standard: The Long Journey of Sharon "The Dream Catcher" Jacobson to MMA

Sharon Jacobson has embraced the challenges she's had to overcome to transform from an elite wrestler to an elite fighter..
Georgia State University Weight Room

The Georgia State University Football Program Is Thinking Big

The young Georgia State football program is growing up fast.
Georgia Coach Scott Sinclair

Coaching Philosophy: Building Relationships While Building Athletes at the University of Georgia

Scott Sinclair has a personal approach to strength training.
Hammer Strength Jammer at On Your Mark

How One Trainer Puts the Hammer Strength Jammer to Work

See how the legendary plate-loaded piece can be incorporated into group workouts.
AIM Performance

The True Fitness Believers at AIM Performance

Creating a training facility that feels like a family.
Man on Hammer Strength Rack doing squats

Coaching Philosophy: How Matt Hickmann Builds Trust at MTSU

The strength and conditioning coach at Middle Tennessee State keeps his athletes informed.