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North Broward Prep High School

Managing a Multisport High School Strength Training Schedule

North Broward Prep keeps its weight room busy and on a schedule.
High school football game

Coaching Philosophy: 3 Keys To Prevent Overtraining For High School Athletes

Archbishop Hoban High School strength and conditioning coach Mike Winkler offers tips on how to avoid burn out in the weight room.
Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rig at Olmsted Medical

How One Sports Performance Center Improved the Way It Trains

The Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance Center draws athletes with premium equipment and skilled coaching.
Boise State University football weight room

Coaching Philosophy: Winning Conditioning with Boise State Football

The Broncos have a big-picture approach when it comes to conditioning.
Adrian College Weight Room

Coaching Philosophy: The Necessity of Teaching Athletes How to Lose

Winning isn't always the best way to learn on the field of competition or in the weight room.
Scott Caulfield from NSCA

Coaching Philosophy: Advice from the NSCA on Strength Training for High School Athletes

Scott Caulfield of the NSCA talks about the structure needed when training young athletes.
Kettlebells in a row

Ensuring Progress and Setting Limits During High-Intensity or CrossFit Style Workouts

High-intensity training is popular and effective. Just know what your body can handle.
Nease High School Weight Room

Mental Preparation is Critical to Building a Championship Mindset In the Weight Room

How athletes respond to the confusion and emotion that takes place during critical moments of the most important games divides those who become champions and those who don't.
Dorman weight room

6 Ways High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches Can Stay Motivated

Eric Cash, the head strength and conditioning coach at Dorman High School, provides a few tips on how to stay motivated and successful.
Old Dominion University Weight Room

Efficiency is Essential in the College Weight Room

Time in the weight room is extremely valuable for college athletes. Ryan Martin from Old Dominion University stresses how to maximize efficiency.
Villanova Basketball Championship Trophy

How Villanova Builds Its Winning Culture on the Court and in the Weightroom

Villanova University men's basketball has built a championship team on the court and in the John Shackleton's weight room.
Baseball blog teaser image

How Major League Level Strength and Conditioning Benefits High School Baseball Players

Ryan Faer, the Arizona performance coordinator for the Cleveland Indians, has some tips for the high school level.
Fairfield University Weight Room

Coaching Philosophy: Three Critical Relationships for Successful Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning coaches must be experts in building relationships. Nick Kolb, director of sports performance at Fairfield University, discusses three of them.
Wisconsin Badgers teaser image

Coaching Philosophy: How The Wisconsin Badgers Practice Like They Want to Play

Ross Kolodziej is one of the best at preparing his Wisconsin Badgers for 60 minutes of football.
Hammer Strength Clinics in Cincinnati

Hammer Strength Clinics 2018: Performance Through Knowledge

Hammer Strength Clinics, now in their 26th year, are back again in March.
Eastern Kentucky University Weight Room

Weighing In On Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain for Athletes

Nutrition is a big part of athletic training, and proper eating can take a hit over the holidays.
Conquest Athletic Performance teaser image

Coaching Philosophy: Rugby Strength Training on the Other Side of the World

David Tuinauvai molds rugby players in Australia. Find out how his training methods differ from those of football coaches.