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AIM Performance

The True Fitness Believers at AIM Performance

Creating a training facility that feels like a family.
Man on Hammer Strength Rack doing squats

Coaching Philosophy: How Matt Hickmann Builds Trust at MTSU

The strength and conditioning coach at Middle Tennessee State keeps his athletes informed.
Kettlebells in a row

Coach Kaz Kazadi's Personal Approach to His Athletes

The strength and conditioning coach's approach to motivation in the weight room.
Gold's Gum Burnaby British Columbia

Gold's Gym and Hammer Strength: Two Strength Training Pioneers with an Interesting History

How a pickup truck filled with Hammer Strength equipment made the trip to Venice and changed fitness history.
Clemson Football player during a game

How 'Finishing Strong' Has Become a Mantra for Clemson Football

Strength coach Adam Smotherman is there to make sure the Tigers finish strong, and not just in the weight room.
Cincinnati Bearcats Weight Room

The Cincinnati Bearcats' Unique Approach to Team Building

How a temporary weight room helped the Bearcats on the football field.
Notre Dame Basketball Weight Room

Coaching Philosophy: How Tony Rolinski Runs Notre Dame Basketball's Weight Room

Tony Rolinski has an abundance of experience training young athletes.
Chris Fee from Sacred Heart

How Sacred Heart University Built Its Strength and Conditioning Culture

Four years ago, Sacred Heart made a commitment to its strength and conditioning program.
North Broward Prep High School

Managing a Multisport High School Strength Training Schedule

North Broward Prep keeps its weight room busy and on a schedule.
HD Athletic Perimeter at Anytime Fitness

This Anytime Fitness Brings Performance to Group Fitness

The purple turf at Anytime Fitness in Munster, Indiana is a place where exercisers go to work.
High school football game

Coaching Philosophy: 3 Keys To Prevent Overtraining For High School Athletes

Archbishop Hoban High School strength and conditioning coach Mike Winkler offers tips on how to avoid burn out in the weight room.
Hammer Strength HD Athletic Rig at Olmsted Medical

How One Sports Performance Center Improved the Way It Trains

The Sports Medicine & Athletic Performance Center draws athletes with premium equipment and skilled coaching.