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Chantae McMillan

Hammer Strength Standard: Olympian Chantae McMillan's Excellent Timing

Excelling while competing at the highest level.
Arlington Martin High School

Hammer Strength Standard: Arlington Martin High School

The staff and students at Arlington Martin work hard to exceed standards.
Brandon Lyons

Hammer Strength Standard: Brandon Lyons is a Study in Resilience

Adversity is just something that this elite athlete overcomes.
Cheryl Nitahara

Hammer Strength Standard: Cheryl Nitahara Is No Wimp

A marathon runner shows her toughness taking on cancer.
Jimmy Gavin

Hammer Strength Standard: Jimmy Gavin's Unlikely Basketball Career

Overcoming obstacles is how Jimmy Gavin plays the game.
Sharon "The Dream Catcher" Jacobson

Hammer Strength Standard: The Long Journey of Sharon "The Dream Catcher" Jacobson to MMA

Sharon Jacobson has embraced the challenges she's had to overcome to transform from an elite wrestler to an elite fighter..