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Georgia State University Weight Room

The Georgia State University Football Program Is Thinking Big

The young Georgia State football program is growing up fast.
Georgia Coach Scott Sinclair

Coaching Philosophy: Building Relationships While Building Athletes at the University of Georgia

Scott Sinclair has a personal approach to strength training.
Hammer Strength Jammer at On Your Mark

How One Trainer Puts the Hammer Strength Jammer to Work

See how the legendary plate-loaded piece can be incorporated into group workouts.
AIM Performance

The True Fitness Believers at AIM Performance

Creating a training facility that feels like a family.
Man on Hammer Strength Rack doing squats

Coaching Philosophy: How Matt Hickmann Builds Trust at MTSU

The strength and conditioning coach at Middle Tennessee State keeps his athletes informed.
Kettlebells in a row

Coach Kaz Kazadi's Personal Approach to His Athletes

The strength and conditioning coach's approach to motivation in the weight room.